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Intercultural Competency

Many organizations hold equity as a core value, but living up to that value is not always easy in practice. Most organizations unwittingly adopt a dominant cultural paradigm without realizing it, diminishing the inclusion and contributions of people who do not belong to the dominant cultural group(s). Align can help support Intercultural Competency development by:

  • Providing individual coaching for leaders who are committed to advancing equity and inclusion inside and/or outside their organizations. 

  • Conducting a baseline assessment of intercultural competency utilizing the Intercultural Development Inventory® and measuring progress in developing greater competency over time

  • Delivering developmentally appropriate training and coaching to grow the intercultural competency of individuals and teams.

  • Establishing and coaching Action Learning Teams to assess and address key diversity and inclusion challenges within your organization related to hiring, events, marketing, product and service delivery, etc. 

  • Moving beyond numeric diversity to true equity by creating a diversity and inclusion strategy that supports and leverages intercultural competency.