Making Equity Real

Many organizations hold equity and inclusion as a core values, but find that living up to those values is more difficult in practice. Most organizations adopt a normative White, male, heterosexual cultural paradigm without realizing it, diminishing the inclusion and contributions of people who do not belong to this dominant cultural group. Align supports systems change, which operationalizes equity and inclusion and builds intercultural competency by :

Conducting a baseline assessment of intercultural competency utilizing the Intercultural Development Inventory®, co-designing a strategy and measuring progress in developing greater competency over time.

  • Providing individual coaching for leaders and teams who are committed to advancing equity and inclusion inside and/or outside their organizations with particular emphasis on White leaders who are committed to racial equity and dismantling white body supremacy.  

  • Delivering developmentally appropriate training and coaching to grow the intercultural competency of individuals and teams and to operationalize equity throughout the organization.

  • Establishing and mentoring Action Learning Teams to assess and address key diversity and inclusion system changes within your organization related to hiring, product and service delivery, events, marketing, etc. 

  • Moving beyond numeric diversity to real equity, inclusion and anti-racism by creating and managing to a strategy that supports and leverages intercultural competency for organizational systems change. 


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