Seeing Whiteness

This is a blog about the anti-racism journey traveling as a white woman of privilege trying to peel back the heavy curtain of whiteness and white supremacy that pervades our culture. Growing up white in a white-centered world is like being a fish in the ocean. How do you see water when it's everywhere, and everything is wet? How do we see whiteness when we are so deeply conditioned into it, that it feels like just the way the world works, not only for white people, but also for people of color? Whiteness, like race, is a social construct, that makes white racial identity the default and all other racial identities 'other.' In this way, whiteness and the attitudes and behaviors of white supremacy pervade every facet of society from education and government to arts and athletics. A core challenge for a white person trying to become an anti-racist is being able to first see, and then begin to deconstruct, whiteness. Here, I share stories of my own efforts to make this journey. 



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